Brevet Schedule

all brevets to be homologated by the Audax Club Parisien (ACP)

just in case you need a last minute qualifier for PBP 2023

(click on route image to open the ride with gps route link)

Brevet I: San Francisco

Saturday, June 10

San Francisco to Davis 300k

06:00 start

Brevet II: Davis

SUNday, June 11

Option I: Main Event

Davis to Davis 600k

06:00 start


Option II:

Davis to San Francisco 200k

07:00 start

Rest Day: Davis

Tuesday, June 13

maybe get a coffee

Brevet III: Davis

Wednesday, June 14

Davis to Santa Rosa 200k

06:00 start

Brevet IV: Santa Rosa

Thursday, June 15

Santa Rosa to SanTA ROSA 400k

06:00 start